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Danny Bee

Woman at the Well

Post by Danny Bee »

well they say you can't make good refection holograms with fuji..........wrong!!!!!
at first i tried fe-ETA with very weak holograms, then I tried pyro - bleach a little better and cleaner Image... but then I tried PBU-Metol and wow!! :shock:
altho I didnt have every thing to make the bleach correctly so I found some replacements :think:

Potassium Persulfate 10 grams I couldn't get this ... so i replaced it with "Awesome Oxygen Cleaner"
Sodium Bisulfate (or Citric Acid) 10 grams replaced this with Citric Acid
Potassium Bromide 20 grams
Cupric Bromide 1 gram
Amidol (- add last ! -) 1 gram replaced this with metol

Its a slow acting bleach but good results :angel:
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Woman at the Well

Post by bernardb »

Very Nice...

Hopefully I will get my stuff together soon and start trying to make similar beauties!

dave battin

Woman at the Well

Post by dave battin »

Danny this is impossible as Fuji said it would not make good denisyuk hologram without assisted object lighting !

very nice, ill be trying this formula soon!
Tom B.

Woman at the Well

Post by Tom B. »

(Explanation for the last) - the short-lived Fuji film was a color medium, with multiple dyes and senstizers for all
3 colors. The drawback for single color work was that all those other dyes absorbed much of the light passing through
the film, resulting in not much object light for single-beam Denisyuk reflection holos. My guess from looking at the visible
light loss was that for red light, at least 50% was lost, maybe more. Hence the assisted object lighting recommendation.

Congrats to Danny for decent results here!