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Holographyforum closed

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Hello everyone,

First of all a huge "thank you" to Colin for creating and keeping the forum alive for such a long time, for all the time, energy and resources he has spent in order to offer this meeting place as a free service to all holographers. Without his talent to bring people together and to mediate conflicts the forum would never have been the friendly place it was, where so many holographers felt at home and among friends.

During its existence the members of the forum have freely shared and exchanged their ideas and experiences about holography. As a result the forum grew to a unique and comprehensive pool of knowledge.

An ancient and ugly dispute between two persons, fought in public, led to the shutdown of the forum.
I am very sorry that Colin had to pay the bill for the arrogance of others and that he had to endure so much hardship.

A successor forum has been created at http://holoforum.org/forum .

I have taken charge of the forum data which has been passed to me by Colin under the condition that the threads remain locked.

An archive of the old forum is accessible on the new forum. Once the data is packaged in an appropriate format, it is intended to be distributed on several servers. The new forum will be archived in regular intervals and the archives distributed as well.

Thank you for everything, Colin.