DIY Embossed hologram tutorial?

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DIY Embossed hologram tutorial?

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Hello, I am Tradingcardgamelover. I am a complete newbie to holography (I theoretically know how I can produce a hologram on glass) I came to holography because I am a tradingcardgame collector and love the fancy holographic effects on Pokemon or Yugioh cards. My goal is to make my own holographic pattern for my own tcg and emboss images of the creatures (like the Ghost rare effect in yugioh) or make other special holographic foil patterns.I have bought a book about holography which is in my native language but it does not talk about embossing holograms onto nickel shims. So could anyone explain to me how I can emboss holgrams so I can get the same effect as the big TCG companies like WOTC or Konami. Are there any websites/people or books/videos available which explain to me how I can emboss holograms without a hologram embossing machine, or can any of you explain to me how I can do this? It was always a dream for me to do something like this. Thank you in advance and greetings, Tradingcardgamelover
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Re: DIY Embossed hologram tutorial?

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Suggest you download this paper for a 40 year old overview of embossing. ... holograms/

Also suggest picking up a copy of Practical Holography 4th edition which has an up to date description of embossing processes. Here’s a link to new paperback version. You may be able to find a used version somewhere but I doubt it.
Practical Holography

Also suggest you check out the Geola website who can make custom embossed holograms for you. This is a link to the embossing section of their website. You might enjoy checking out the rest of their site as well. ... holograms/

Good Luck😊.
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