Hello! Good books for interested peeps?

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Hello! Good books for interested peeps?

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I have combed the forums a little bit, I was curious if anyone could give a good consensus on a few books I'm considering buying?

Practical Holography by Saxby, G., I saw someone mention 4th edition is best, but is it really worth an extra $140 over a 3rd edition :?

Holography Handbook - Unterseher, Fred; Schlesinger, Bob; Hansen, Jeannene

Basics of Holography by Hariharan, P.

Would it be redundant to buy all three? I tend to prefer clear instructions and would like good diagram references. I am interested in understanding the science, but it's been probably 6-7 years since my Cal 1 & Chem 1 classes and that's the last time I really "studied" math or science of any kind, so I'm not sure I'm ready for something very jargon heavy with an assumed knowledge of optics / physics.

I am still in my indecisive phase of if I want to dive head first into the deep end and get a HeNe or SLM laser from Phil on ebay, or dip my toes in the novice side with an Integraf kit. (Litiholo seems to be more of a science project type kit and seems to only make transmission holograms? plus seemingly no longer sold).

I have a tendency to dive into hobbies, sideline them, and then cycle around to a new or old interest. Photography, sketching/drawing, writing, coding, watercolor paints, 2d and 3d digital art, 3d printing, sewing/quilting, needle felting, and currently I am in my crochet phase (I am halfway through an Afghan currently!). Hence why I hesitate to go too far into a better laser immediately.

Unfortunately, I cannot find any local resources in my state (CO), I haven't been to my local library yet, but I'm not very hopeful.

Some potentially(?) useful resources for other future beginners.

Holographic Imaging, Spring 2003 course by Prof. Michael Halle & Prof. Stephen Benton, made available by MIT
The readings and lab pdfs have a lot of useful information. Since this is a course, you could attempt to follow the classwork as a self-directed learner. The reading list has a lot of books referenced. Presumably the early draft of Benton's mentioned in the syllabus is Benton's book Holographic Imaging. Which would be the book to follow for the assigned reading? This appears to me a very valuable resource available to the public currently for free. Any thoughts from other users? (labs not withstanding)

Bigwords, a book search aggregate to find the cheapest copies of books available! (does not search ebay afaik)
I have questions that are not easily answered even after searching for articles on this wiki, however there is a wealth of knowledge when you can find it.
Ed Wesley's list of 7 holography projects
This blog has a lot of useful information if you navigate to the home index!
International School of Holography
Paid courses relating to holography. Their yt channel has 3 videos of "holo"seminars, featuring individuals who have been active in the holography scene for decades.
Holocenter, they offer a breif overview of holography.
laserboyholo, a hologram artist fairly active on social media, with useful videos on youtube, instagram, tiktok, and patreon.
A paper by S.A. Benton about "Denisyuk" or single beam holograms.
A paper about color control in DCG holography.
Holography Facebook group
Holography Forum Facebook group
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Re: Hello! Good books for interested peeps?

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Welcome to the forum.
nullVoyager wrote: Fri Mar 29, 2024 3:31 am Practical Holography by Saxby, G., I saw someone mention 4th edition is best, but is it really worth an extra $140 over a 3rd edition
In my opinion, probably not. My favorite is the 2nd edition.

As for getting started in holography, I would recommend a green (532nm) laser of at least 50mW, preferably 75 or 100mW (which is known to be good for holography), and Bayfol HX200 from Geola in Lithuania.

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