noise due to a large (extended) object

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Re: noise due to a large (extended) object

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Din wrote: Thu May 09, 2024 9:41 pm According to the paper by Gabor, if you illuminate the diffusion screens with multiple beams, you may get rid of speckle, but, at the cost of increased complexity in the geometry.
That's an interesting suggestion, thanks. I want to try a transmission diffraction grating to break up the object beam into different orders, placed right in front of a diffuser (hopefully to produce a series of dots on the diffuser).
Din wrote: Thu May 09, 2024 9:41 pm Well, the days of my ducking into telephone booths have long gone, mainly because telephone booths themselves have long gone! But, if yourself, or anyone else, wants something technical translated into everyday language, I'd be more than happy to try
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