Please Contribute to this list of active holography

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Please Contribute to this list of active holography

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Hi Everyone,

Coming from the collection space. I think it will be useful for museum professionals to understand their resources as they begin to care for holograms in their collections.

Their resources being: living and practicing holographers, holographic artists and artists who work with holographers.

My current list of alive and or active resources:
Betsy Connors, ACME holo
Jeanne Benton
E.Wesly and Sons Studios
Robert Hess, Laser History Museum and Studio
Matthew Schreiber
Deanna Lawson
Paula Dawson
Dennis Slafer

Frank Stella
James Turrell
Dorothea Rockburne Who on the list is still available?

I could name more from my historical research but it is unclear to me their working status...

Please drop as many names as you can below! Including your own!