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H1H2, done on PFG-3c (manufactured in 2006),
soaked in Jeff's Fog Killer (tm) for 60 seconds
washed, squeegeed, and dried
exposed to 4000 microjoules/cm^2 of 532nm (69 seconds, on my apparatus)
Developed for 45 sec in JD-4 developer
Bleached for 1:45 in ferric EDTA bleach (clear at 1:15, plus 30 seconds)
(emulsion was light blue at this point)
soaked in 2.5 percent ammonium dichromate for 30 sec (to reduce printout)
lightly washed (emulsion was orange/yellow)
dried (poorly...)
back was spray painted with matte black

Photographed by sitting it on the floor, and shining an LED flashlight on it. I told the camera to underexpose a stop, which reduced the image's contrast blowing out the camera.
Tom B.

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Post by Tom B. »

Good show old man! PFG-03 can be a bit dicky to work with but I'd say you tamed the beast here at least. I presume the 532 nm came from one of the Coherent surplus items sometiems available. My sincere congratulations on this excellent exposure of the fiendish robot brain plotting his linear trajectories.