New (old) super holographic film

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New (old) super holographic film

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I have fantastic news that makes the heart of all holographers beat faster.
Last year, I bought a large amount of holographic film at a good price at an industrial auction (a larger company broke up its holography department). I have so much that I believe the amount will be enough to supply material to the holography artists worldwide for many years to come.
Since I did not pay much, I can also give it away cheaply. I thought of 100 EUR per square meter net.

To the material itself:
It is film, 200 μm thick, triacetate, 1.09 m wide, 30 m long on roll. The material is a custom order. It could have been made by Agfa. But I do not know, because there is no marking on the material.
Even in the company itself was no one to find who knew what the film has been produced for or who had produced it. Maybe for a photovoltaic project.

At first I did not know what to do with the material. It appeared to be very light insensitive.
In order to not write page by page, we can talk about that later, here are just a few facts:
You must presensitize the material with water and Agepon. By doing so, you get a sensitivity of 250 µJ per square centimeter. You can work in very bright red safelight. It is totally insensitive to red. I have achieved very good results with 488 nm, 512 nm and 532 nm. The material is significantly better than Agfa 8E56. The finished holograms are crystal clear. I have exposed 30 x 40 cm rainbow holograms with 6 slits in 3 minutes with 50 mW laser power. Now that green coherent laser power is cheaper than red, it should be possible for most holographers to work with it.I've tried some processing chemistry, not nearly everything. Very well works a Methol ascorbic acid developer and EDTA bleach. You can also make very nice reflection holograms with this film, both Denisyuk and H2 copies. The color is also easy to adjust. I found a reasonably priced synthetic sugar, Karion F.

To say it again in a few words, it is a very fantastic material that can be obtained for little money.So that as many as possible can make experiments with this material, I pack 20 packets of 5 sheets of 18 x 24 cm film. I can still send that as a A4 letter. I would give it for free. I would be glad about the reimbursement of the shipping costs. I would put the Paypal address in the package. To the USA a letter costs about EUR 8.

If there is enough interest in the material, then you can buy the material here in Europe directly from me. For everything that concerns the US and overseas, I have discussed with Martina Mrongovius, she takes over the sales. Martina will also create a web site and bundle all technical information there.
I imagine that no one is keeping a secret from his experience and sharing all the insights to everyone (open source) so that this material will be used to create many beautiful and exciting holograms.

By the way, if you do not have a green laser, there is someone here who has some fresh, inexpensive ones in stock - Do I get commission, Phil ;) ?