Coating Machines

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Kris Meerlo's Coating Machine

Some pictures from my new home made coating machine:


Some specifications:

-Temp control ( roomtemp to 70 C ) -Variable speed control. -cooling with fans.

For the temp control I use the amazing sauna belt from amazing discoveries incl a digital temp controller from Conrad electronics. For quick cooling off the aluminium heating plate I use harddisc drive cooling fans. I tape the heat tracing from the Sauna belt on the Alu plate with heat resistance alu tape. The movement of the meyerbar is variable.

( I "stole" some ideas for the coating machine from the internet ). And I have some ideas from Hans.

Hanz' Coating Machine


One problem I have found with my machine is the following:

If I use normal glass that has only been cleaned with Glassex window cleaner, the machine produces a nice and flat coating. But if I pre-treat the glass with silane, the glass becomes hydrophobic. This has a negative effect on the flatness of the coating because the gelatin wants to run of the glass in any direction it can while it is still liquid.