Glass Cutter

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Glass cutters work by damaging the glass along a specific line. For a straight cut place a straight edge along the work and score the glass with the wheel. After scoring, the glass is placed with one end of the underside of the score (score still on top) on top of and centered over the ball. Then an even pressure is applied to both sides of the glass. If the glass is large (a long score), a second ball should be used, one under each underside of both scored ends or a straight edge place at the underside just at the score. Since glass will tend to break where it has been damaged it will break along the line.


  • Using a steel or aluminum square for cutting glass Holo-Plates insures the glass is square.
  • Make sure the glass cutter is sharp (not worn out).
  • Make sure the cutter wheel spins freely.
  • Don't use excessive pressure.
  • For straight lines use a steel rule or similar.
  • Make sure to start at the edge of the glass.
  • Keep even pressure along the entire score.
  • Keep a smooth continuous motion until done, do not stop and restart.
  • Only make one score - If the cutter skips only go over the unscored part but try to avoid this.
  • Pay special attention to the end of the cut.
  • Some people find the ball at the handle end useful to tap the score line for thick glass.
  • Keep the score on top and break the glass down.
  • After the break, the noches on the cutter can be used to break off parts that did not break at the score but they will alway be rough and sharp.


  • Wear eye protection.
  • Handle large sheets with your finger tips and never your palms.